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Spirituality Writer

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A therapist with

16 years of experience




Visual and digital


Spiritual Mentor

Priestess of the Goddess

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my journey...

Founder of the Filipa Faustino Angel Method® brand.

Facilitator and creator of methods:

The Light of the Angels® – Archangel Academy (A Luz dos Anjos)

Healing Diamante Angélico®

Angelic Reading®

Reading of Terrestrial, elemental and cosmic Parallel Lives®

Reading of the Elemental Hierarchy and Dragons, recovery of the ancestral wisdom.

Graduated in:

Family Systemic Constellations, Aura Reading, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),

Clinical Hypnosis and Coach.

Completed a bachelor's degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia, previously attained bachelor's degrees in Design, Ceramics, and Sculpture and currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Archaeology.

Bard and member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

Ceremonialist at the Goddess Conference in Portugal.

Priestess of Iberia, Priestess of Lysantia and Priestess of the Garden of the Hesperides.

Celebrant certified by OBOD and the Jardim das Hesperides Temple.

Visual and digital artist.

Writer of spiritual and personal development books.

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my purpose...

Invitation to Angelic, Elemental and Intuitive Connection, Direct access to Universal Wisdom

I invite you to establish a deep connection with your angelic guides, using keys of light forged in universal wisdom. Discover divine messages and celestial guidance that illuminate your path of love, freedom and true expression.

Awakening Intuition and Personal Empowerment, Strengthen Your Inner Voice

My courses and workshops are sanctuaries of empowerment; the teachings, bridges to ancestral knowledge. Here, you rediscover your powerful intuition, each soul sings the melody of its unique truth.

Journeys of Self-Discovery and Authentic Expression, Expression of the True Essence

I see each heart as an evolving cosmos, each being as a beacon of its own light. I invite you on a transformative journey with me, where authenticity and self-expression dance to the rhythm of everyday existence.

Integration of the Sacred into everyday life, Celebrates the Divine in All Aspects of Life

Join us on a poetic expedition, where the divine intertwines with everyday life, and ancestral magic echoes in every breath. I invite you to see the sacred in the fabric of your daily life, rediscovering the charm in each moment.

Rediscover Personal Power, Light Your Path with Your Own Light

Set out to rediscover the sacred within yourself, illuminating your journey with the flame of your own essence. Find strength, courage and clarity by connecting with your inner light and walking towards your truth.

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Schedule an individual session for:

Angelic Reading (Leitura Angélica®)

Engage in a conversation with the Angels! Ideal for a first contact.

Angelic Reading for Pregnant Women and Babies

A dialogue with the Angels regarding you and your baby, starting from the 8th month of pregnancy.

Reading of Terrestrial, Elemental, and Cosmic Parallel Lives®

Explore yourself and give new meaning to your life through a profound process.

The Elemental Hierarchy Reading

Encounter the elementals that comprise your personal evolution super team.

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Dragon Reading

Connect with the elementals that form part of your personal evolution super team.

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Healing Diamante Angélico®

Experience regeneration facilitated by your Inner Angel.

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What they say about individual sessions:


your work is an open door that allows us to embark on an absolutely enriching and magical journey, both as a group and individually, into the realm of angelic energies.

An abundance of Angels awaits us to discover and integrate into our structural system, their energy working in love to unveil our true Being.

Each Angel assists us in healing different aspects of ourselves, depending on its energy and the various dimensions that integrate into our being.

Exploring further and further, going deeper and deeper into a sublime and transcendent inner depth.

It's a reconnection, healing, and lifelong learning, not just for the moment.

Thank you very much, Filipa,”

Aurora Miguel

""I am here to share my testimony about Angelic Reading (Leitura Angélica®)!

I truly appreciated the message that was expressed. In addition to everything you shared about the guardians, which resonated with my personality, I felt lighter and more connected with the Universe and my Angels.

Your energy left a profound impact on me, so much so that the following week I decided to experience the Parallel Lives Reading, and let me tell you, it was the best decision I made!

Through it, I gained deeper insights into myself, fostering greater self-awareness and a stronger connection with my inner self.

Thank you, thank you very much!"

Verónica Penas

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Development and

Spiritual transformation

Archangel Ultimate Light

available soon

A 13-month course, a journey of reconnection and knowledge with 13 Archangels, each pulsating for your life, providing exactly what you need at each moment.

Guardian Angels, Inner Angel Activation

available soon

An invitation to a powerful dive into yourself and your Angelity, with your Guardian Angels as companions. A journey of profound and unique transformation.

Dragons, Ancestral Wisdom Rescue

available soon

A journey on the wings of Dragons, discovering the Dragon of each element each month, and activating it along with its gifts in your daily life.

30 Days with Angels

available soon

A beginning. A simple and practical course on inner work with the Angels, with small daily missions to invite them into your life in a tangible way. Suitable for those seeking their first contact, accessible as an online course, and available at your own pace.

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Sharing my students' opinions about

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30 Days with Angels

“I completed the 30 days with the angels, and I truly loved it.

It has been incredibly helpful. This course came at the perfect time, during a difficult phase. I feel that this newfound knowledge, along with the love of my angels and Archangels, gave me the strength to overcome this pain and move forward.

I have experienced significant personal growth, and I am deeply grateful.”

Rita Dinis

courses and workshops

Guardian Angels Course

“This course has transformed many of my perspectives regarding myself and my beloved Guardians, who have always been with me.

It offers a unique experience of reconnecting with our deepest Self, our primordial essence, reigniting the flame of internal knowledge in a profound transformation that elevates our Soul and accesses its ancestral wisdom.

The course provides practical applicability in our everyday experiences, allowing us to truly embrace who we are.

By absorbing and integrating all the potential that this course provides, we gain a greater capacity for conscious co-creation in love and truth, especially with ourselves.”

Marta Almeida

Dragons Course - Ancestral Wisdom Rescue

Dragon energy is profound, magical, and powerful.

Through this course, I discovered the strength of the elements and delved into my pain, uncovering depths I didn't even realise existed.

Dragons perceive the empowerment within us; they are mighty warriors and our protective allies.

I am grateful to you, Filipa Faustino.

Florbela Ferreira

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Inner Dragon

Recognition and activation of your Inner Dragon!

Inner Selves

Art, a reflection of yourself!

Inner Angel

The recognition and activation of your Inner Angel!

Inner Goddess

Recognition and activation of your Inner Goddess!

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Inner Selves

The experience of those who have received their Inner Self

“When I saw my Inner Angel, I was amazed by its delicacy, the tranquillity it conveys, the love that can be seen, and its light that demonstrates courage and strength. Thank you, Filipa, for showing me such a beautiful image of delicate love, yet with enormous strength, that I have within me.”


My inner angel.

It's so beautiful and deep, I can't describe what I felt.

When I saw my inner angel in the digital watercolour, it was a mix of emotions.

Thank you, dear friend.

You are a very special angel.

I am grateful to the universe for having met you.”

Odete Almeida

My inner Dragon i

My Inner Dragon is very beautiful and powerful.

I need to feel it calmly, as it has a lot of detail. Gratitude.”

David Neto

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That's what I felt when I received my Inner Goddess. I spent more than a week just absorbing the first information she brought me. I feel like it's a deep self-recognition. She, a part of me, is perfect and only you could bring something so profound! Thanks!”

Luiza Estes

That's the best description I can give. Receiving my Inner Goddess made me leap in my awareness of myself as if I couldn't make myself look small anymore. It changed my life and made me accept who I am.


Valerie Fontes

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celebrate life




Female Cycle








Vow Renewal

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Druidic-Celebrant and Priestess-Celebrant

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What is it like to celebrate with us:

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It's been a few years, and I still have no words. It was the perfect way, which made sense to us at Alma, and you brought our entire essence as a couple to our ceremony.

Laura e Francisco

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It was the realisation of a dream for us! Involving guests and our family in the ceremony was the best part. We loved all the dedication and construction of our ceremony with you, detail by detail.

Viviane e Paulo

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From the first moment, we decided that you would be the one to celebrate our renewal of vows. We are your students, and we knew that you would read our Souls and what has united us all these years, and the ceremony would be perfect. It exceeded our expectations. Thank you very much!

Alice e Ricardo

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Online celebrations

Priestess Tradition of the Garden of the Hesperides - Iberian

Wheel of the Year









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Whatsapp: +351 910027728


Online Service Hours

by appointment from Monday to Friday

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